Gnosi Bookstore, 1989





Gnosi Bookstore, 1989.

Architectural Design:
Kokkinou Maria, Kourkoulas Andreas

Collaborator Architect:
Dimitris Korres

Project Info:
Use: Bookstore
Location: 31 Hippocratous Str, Athens
Total Surface: 350 sqm.
Floors: 2

The bookstore is the central space for the storage, the display and the sale of the publications. The main issues were the how the books were to be proffered and stored as well as the design of an immediate access to the upper level without extravagance or wasted space in the long narrow passageway. A system of thin metal structures (like pendulums) allows the books to be visible even when stored. The showcase window, which uses the principle of counter-weights, gives a rhythm to the external appearance of the bookstore, and allows the lower façade to display the covers of the books while at the same time allowing the possibility of storing large numbers of books.

The location of the staircase economizes precious space along the periphery of the walls, while the inverse passage to the entrance and the increasing width of the ascending staircase directs the movement of visitors into the heart of the shop.