Anatolia Elementary School


















Project team


Maria Kokkinou - Andreas Kourkoulas

Nicholas Paplomatas
George Fiorentinos
Dionisis Koutsioumaris
Argiris Chronopoulos
Chrisa Gerakaki
Evgenia Dimopoulou
Karolos Fotiadis Raat
Christos Giftopoulos
Elpida Peponi

Civil Engineering:
Cubus engineering

MEP Engineering:

Landscape Architect:
Elli Pagalou

Transport & Circulation Consultant:
Spyros Vougias

Acoustics Consultant:
Th. Timagenis

A school is a home of learning - theater of the imagination.

The identity of the school suggests a dialogue between order and freedom. Order through the grid of specialized pavilions - classrooms and freedom through the integration and informal character of the cylindrical volume at the
conjunction of the two axii.
While obtaining a new equilibrium between formal and informal, a discrete visual control is also established.

In order for the formal space to be of a relatable scale the classrooms are grouped in cluster. That organization establises a smaller scale which is crucial for the young students