Kalfayan Gallery, 2008








Gallery Kalfayan, 2008

Architectural Design:
Kokkinou Maria, Kourkoulas Andreas

Assistant Architect:
Marianna Athanasiadou

Electrical - Mechanical Engineer:
P. & H. Argyros

Lighting Consaltant:
Thanasis Kanellias

Special Constructions:
Manos Vordonarakis

Erieta Attali

Project Info:
Use: Gallery
Location: 11 Charitos Str., Kolonaki, Athens
Total Surface: 131 sqm.
Materials: U-glass, metal

Gallery Kalfayan is a small exhibition space at Kolonaki, in the center of Athens. It is part of the ground floor of an existing mixed use building.

The most pressing matter to be addressed was the glass façade of the existing building unsuitable for art exhibitions. On the same time the existing façade was to be significantly altered. Therefore the glass panes where replaced with translucent glass blocks and led lighting transformed the whole corner into a subtle but effective luminous sign. Acknowledging and emphasizing the public character of art and exhibition the entrance opens up to the street with big, pivot doors-panels, inviting visitors inside.

The interiors were treated in the simplest way possible with black sheet metal detailing for the stairs leading to the depot and small mezzanine.

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