Residence at Fire island, 2002





Residence at Fire Island, NY, design 2002

Architects Maria Kokkinou, Andreas Kourkoulas Associate Architects: G. Nikopoulos, N. Petschek Structural Engineer B. Kasal

Project Info:

Use: Residence
Location: Fire Island, New York
Area: 150 sq.m.
Floors: 2
Materials:wood, glass

This is a rural house situated on the ocean with the main point being the significance of the ephemeral climatic conditions. The foundations consist of pylons set into the sand, supporting a wooden platform. The wooden house is set on that platform so that the waves can pass underneath leaving the house untouched. The organisation of the house is based on freely seeing the ocean from any spot: the living room is a glass cube, which ensures the unobstructed view of the ocean. This becomes an observation monitor, a screen depicting the vastness of the ocean and the vivid changes of weather-related phenomena during the day.