Residence at Filothei, 2003-05




























Residence at Filothei, 2003 – 2005
Maria Kokkinou - Andreas Kourkoulas
George Nikopoulos
Structural Engineer:
Areti Soula
Mechanical-Electrical Engineer:
Pantelis Argyros
Costas Sotiropoulos
Lighting Consultant:
Thanasis Kanellias
Antonis Papakonstantinou
Project Info:
Use: Residence
Location: Filothei, Athens
Area: 150 sq.m.
Floors: 1
Materials: Exposed concrete, marble, wood, metal
Regain the lost experience of the creek
It is a one bedroom house next to a creek. It is located at Filothei, a “garden city” suburb of Athens.
The attempt is to create an enclosed space between walls, parallel to the boundaries of the site, which embody the lost water experience of the creek. Taking advantage of the microcosm the flora and fauna of the creek, sounds, smell, sight, the aim is to constitute a space, an open air room, which creates the feeling of living by the water.
The sense of enclosure is the basic factor of the hole synthesis, thus the choice of the materials serve the same aim, concrete, teak wood, marble, stone, anodized aluminum.

Publication in Yli & Ktirio, 2010. Titled: Residence in Filothei. February / April, issue 89, p. 198-206.