Residence at Legrena, 1987-90





Residence at Legrena, 1987 – 1990


Maria Kokkinou - Andreas Kourkoulas

Structural Engineer:

G. Hatzistergiou

Mechanical-Electrical Engineer:

Haralampos Argyros

Project Info:

Use: Residence

Location: Legrena, Athens

Area: 350 sq.m.

Floors: 3

Materials: Plaster, stone

The house of 350 sq.m. for a family with two children is situated on the coastal road between Athens and Sounion in the Legraina area, on a hill overlooking the sea near the ancient temple of Poseidon.
The basic principles of this synthesis can be synopsised by tracing the design of three basic walls. Two parallel stone walls determine the entrance and the living room, emphasising the basic view towards the sea, and one free wall perpendicular to those two with repeated identical openings defines and shapes the exterior areas. These walls form three separate masses which correspond to the kitchen and to the two-story block of children’s bedrooms and the master bedroom which is part of a pre-existing building. The main structural concern with regard to the walls and to these masses is forming the shape of the exterior areas – rooms with different views and orientations.
The course and organisation of the view in movement from the earth to the sea and the temple of Poseidon is accomplished by means of two picture windows forming the entrance and the boundary of the residence towards the sea.