Residence at Pagkrati, 2000-01







Addition to a Residence at Pagkrati, 2000-2001

Maria Kokkinou - Andreas Kourkoulas
Associate Architect:
Katerina Papandreou
Structural Engineer:
M. Skarlatos
Mechanical-Electrical Engineer:
H. Govotsos

Project Info:
Use: Residence
Location: Pagkrati, Telesilis 24
Area: 200 sq.m
Floors: 2 levels
Materials:Plaster, metal

Intervention to a neoclassical residence of the beginning of the 20th century. It concerns a small two-storey building with a tiled roof and a small back yard, which is surrounded by apartment buildings. The project concerns the extension of the living space in a part of the yard, while keeping the atmosphere and the scale of the building as well as the feeling of open space in the yard – in opposition to the images of the dense structures of the neighbouring apartment buildings. In order to achieve this goal extension is placed in such a way that the yard becomes the central part of the residence and the focal point for most of the openings. This allows natural light to be directed into the depths of the living space; the house’s back is turned to the street and the surrounding buildings. The small yard becomes the extension of the interior space and the heart of the home. The ground floor contains the communal areas of the house, the bedrooms are on the first floor and the study is in the penthouse; there is a terrace overlooking the yard. The staircase is located at the juncture of the new with the older building, which gives emphasis to the significance of the intersection of the two masses.