Residence at Psychiko C, 1997-00













Residence at Psyhiko, 1997-2000

Architects Maria Kokkinou, Andreas Kourkoulas

Artemis Chalari, Katerina Papandreou, George Nikopoulos, Eleni Theodorou

Structural Engineer:
F. Karidakis, I. Mavrakis & Associates

Electrical Engineer:
P. & H. Argyros

Project Info:
Use: Residence
Location: Old Psychiko, Kalvou & Paparigopoulou
Area: 383 sq.m
Floors: 3 levels
Plot area: 1018 sq.m.
Materials: Plaster, Stone

The ground plan is shaped like an “L” which, in combination with the diagonal wall that forms the entrance, solves the problem of the angled corners of the plot and creates a façade towards the two streets, with the building opening towards the interior with open and semi-enclosed courtyards. This gives the building an introverted character.
The purpose of this was to highlight the richness of the senses, which is implicit in daily life.
The boundary walls become the basic means organising the atmosphere and rhythm of life in the established stage of the home; they give character and quality to the space. The strategic placement of the walls organise the movement, the view and the rhythms of daily life. Amongst them are the open and roofed “rooms” which take on their character by linking the interior with the outdoors, light with shadow, earth with the sky.