Residence at Psychiko B, 2004-06















Residence at Psychico, 2004 - 2006


Maria Kokkinou - Andreas Kourkoulas


Tassos Ringas

Structural Engineer:

Andreas Mitsopoulos

Mechanical-Electrical Engineer:

P. & H. Argyros

Lighting Consultant:

Thanasis Kanellias

Landscape Architect:

Helli Pagkalou & Associates

Special Construstions Assistant:

Manos Vordonarakis

Project Info:

Use: Residence

Location: Psychiko, Athens

Area: 258 sq.m.

Materials: Plaster, Wood

The project is a single family house at Psichiko, a suburb of Athens. The small oblong property rests among high density green public and private spaces. The program was met with a two storey development. On the ground floor are located the living spaces of the house while on the first floor are located the sleeping rooms of the family.

The design process focused on the following issues as they emerged as the most crucial to be addressed;

1. To establish and manage transparency throughout the ground floor connecting the inside spaces with the adjacent courtyards.

2. To benefit from the diagonal relation to the park.

3. To use the section of the entrance hall, in connection to the stairs, in order to regulate light and the inside views of the house.

Exterior surfaces are treated with stucco and wooden louvers provide sun protection.