Residences at Saronida, 2002-04












Residential complex, Saronida, 2002-2004


Maria Kokkinou - Andreas Kourkoulas

Associate Architect:

Nicholas Paplomatas

Structural Engineer:

M. Aggelidis

Mechanical-Electrical Engineer:

P. & H. Argyros

Project Info:

Use: Residential complex

Location: Saronida, Athens

Area: 500 sq.m.

Floors: 4

Materials: Exposed Concrete, metal

The complex consists of 4 private two-storey residences, for summer or permanent use, 135 sq.m each.

Two rectangular volumes provide the building blocks for the formation of the complex. The two volumes are positioned along their long sides, the one slided along the other. The protrusion of the volume allows an efficient management of vital issues like privacy and view while building side to side. At the same time the recess of the façade forms as well as shelters the staircase accessing the upper floor. The aforementioned recess is the only significant opening on the façade, in this case regarded as a boundary, turning the complex inwards towards the sheltered garden of the lot.

The materials aim to serve their function in the forms of compact borders (concrete), transparencies (glazed screens) or solar light management (light metal profiles).