Care Home Agia Paraskevi, 1989-95

View of the semicircular patio  

Perspective View of the brickfacade  

Concept Sketch   

Model Photo   

Ground Floor Plan  

Elevation A  

Elevation B  

Senior Citizens Retirement Home in Agia Paraskevi, 1989 – 1995.

Architectural Design:
Kokkinou Maria, Kourkoulas Andreas

Collaborating Architectural Office:
Dimitris Moschos

Structural Engineer:
Yiorgos Hadzistergiou

Erieta Attali

Project Info:
Use: Residence for senior citizens
Location:4 Apostolou Pavlou Str., Agia Paraskevi, Athens
Total Surface: 600 sqm.
Floors: 3 levels
Materials:Plaster, Brick

The importance of the psychological circumstances of senior citizens, where the meaning of daily life is directed towards the community and not towards a private space, led to the idea of a structure formed around a central square or plaza which opens onto the public street. The purpose of the building is to surround this exterior space and to shelter it from the weather. Inside the building the variations in space and movement are intended to prevent any reminders of institutional-like characteristics. At the same time a direct view onto the public space is achieved from each point of the building. At every level there is a broadened space at the perpendicular junctures of the passages – a seating area – which is intended to enhance the random meetings of the residents.