Alsity Marina



1st Prize

International Competition – Development and long-term use of the Olympic.

This marina is located in the coastal suburb of Agios Kosmas, Athens. The aim was to reconfigure the relationship between the city and its coastline by transforming a ‘dead’ marina into a dynamic urban space that serves multiple uses (including cinemas, cafes, restaurants, a market, and theme park).

In order to create a strong identity for the site, which is visible both from land and sea, he shopping centre was designed as a wave.

Its undulating rooftop runs alongside the coastal highway, signalling the marina’s presence to the

city, while its glass front faces the sea – an arresting image that attracts passing

boats. The roof doubles as a walkway, so the whole site becomes an extension of the landscape.

To accentuate its accessibility, the concept for the retail complex was based on

an open-air market, or Agora, rather than a closed shopping mall.

By reducing optical barriers and increasing points of entry, the built environment becomes

a transitional space connecting the city and the sea.

This is achieved by carving out deep access routes, such as a ramp that leads from the exhibition spaces to the waterfront promenade. The vertical sections between the cafes also create

multiple visual connections and access points.