Office Building Eurobank


Architects: Maria Kokkinou – Andreas Kourkoulas
Consultant Architect: John Peponis
Project Architects: Karagiorgi Christianna Nicholas Paplomatas Halari Artemis Aggeliki Zografaki
Project Team: Marianna Athanasiadou, Yiorgos Iliadis, Katerina Kourkoula, Despoina Lafazani, Marianna Lizardou, Yiorgos Nikopoulos, Tassos Ringas
Structural Engineer: T. Tsiknias & Associates A.E.M.T.E.
Electrical – Mechanical Engineer: TEAM M-H Consultant Engineers L.T.D. St. Livadas
Associates: A. Stamatopoulou, St. Tsolaki, F. Baroutakis
Photographers: N. Daniilidis, D. Mitsopoulos

Area:10.145 sq.m.

The project is an office building located at Tavros, a mixed use area near the greater city center of Athens.

The concept is that of a wall enclosing the two main building blocks and part of the open space of the plot in one simple gesture. This exposed concrete wall is inclined and follows-encloses the better part of the layout. It leaves exposed the northwestern façade which in conjunction to the southwestern form the entrance to the complex.

Sun protection is generally provided by stainless steel meshes and the overall environmental performance of the building was assessed and taken into from the early stages of the design process.

The free space of the plot is treated as a botanical garden.

Apart from the exposed concrete surfaces other materials used are aluminum for the glazing systems and stainless steel, all as close to their natural-untreated states as possible.