House in Legrena



2006 – 2011

Architects: Maria Kokkinou, Andreas Kourkoulas
Associate Architects: Yiorgos Iliadis, Manolis Stavrakakis, Yiorgos Nikopoulos, Tassos Ringas
Architectural Construction: Design ΩΜ Meletitiki
Interior Design: SMK Interiors
Structural Engineer: Domos Consulting Engineers
Mechanical – Electrical Engineer: LDK
Lighting Design: Thomas Gravanis
Landscape Architects: Helli Pagkalou & Associates
Photographer:  Vaggelis Paterakis

It is a residence and small bungalows in one plot of 8.500 m2 at Legrena in Attica. The plot is very sloppy with uninterrupted view to the sea. The house was placed so that, firstly to be fully integrated into topography and secondly to take advantage of the view. The bungalows are scattered on the plot and create sections through large canopies. The pinpointing position exploits gradient differences, as not to obstruct the one views of the other.

The design of the main residence based on parallel development of ideas of transparency in correlation with shadows of protected enclosed courtyard – atrium, which displays the framing and the view of the water. The house rests on the landscape upon one stone which is the limit of the land.

The water as a central element of the composition dominates and characterizes the ground level, penetrating aesthetically the whole building through a hole in the central staircase. The water is implemented on pools, which in progress is becoming water surface – navel of the space, act radically on the overall experience and the quality of the dwelling through the optical reflections and the sound. The design of the landscape is formed by the spirit of simplicity and the use of stem materials, while the planting is thoroughly planned to be consistent with the vegetation of Attica landscape, which adjacent to the marine environment.

The materials which used also refer in primitive forms and treatments with absolute matching with the landscape. The stone, built with traditional way without emphasis on plaster and wood in its natural form. The wood used in all interior floors and outdoor acting as the horizontal unifying element composition, resting on the vertical walls.

To attributed the intended effect used special timber Dinesen – with characteristic the dimension of each “Backgammon” length up to 15m, 45cm width and thickness 4,5 cm – who cast substantially by simply deposition, because of the weight and dimensions. Even the finish specific treatment impregnation shows color, form and texture of “Raw white timber”.

The management of lighting, natural and artificial, day – night shade – penetration view – eloquence, is used to emerge individual elements: stone, water, wood, views, sheltered outdoor area, patio as to ensure optimal living to the residents in all seasons. The entire building is distinguished by a spirit of bioclimatic approach, both in architecture and in energy planning, while for the management of the complex is used electromechanical technology for intelligent buildings.