Athens Concert Hall

“Exploring the paths of memory”

Interdisciplinary Conference, Athens, March 2011

London, Bartlett School of Architecture,

«Benaki Museum vs Shop & Trade, office building»

London, March 2013

London, AA Architecture Association

“Recent Work”

London, March 2013

Larissa, SEE Central and Western Greece

“Panorama of Greek Architecture”

Larissa, March 2013

Onassis Cultural Centre

ESO, Conference of Interior Design

“The Benaki Museum and Offices of Shop&Trade”

Moraiti School

“Presentation of Architectural Work”

Athens, February 2013

Vakalo, Art & Design College

“Recent Work”

Athens, January 2013

Benaki Museum

Gastronomy Days

“Scala Vinoteca and Ombra”

Athens, 24-26th May 2013

Benaki Museum

Opening Speech for Architect Alberto Campo Baeza

Athens, 20 January 2013

Light and Harmony

Coordinator Andreas Kourkoulas

Athens, 23 January 2013

Istanbul Technical University, School of Architecture

“Presentation of Architectural Work”

Istanbul, December 2012

Cycladic Art Museum

Pecha Kucha Night

Athens, May 2012

Moraiti School

“Athens, Metropolis of the 21st century”

Athens, December 2011

Presentation of Erietta’s Attali book

“IN EXTREMIS : Landscape into Architecture”

Publication : Gsapp Books

Athens, December 2011

Athens Development and Destination Management Agency

Culture Program, 2nd ContepO International Workshop

“ATHENS – The Benaki Museum”

Presentation of architectural work

Berlin, May 2008

Bookstore “Ianos”

Presentation of books of Zisis Kotionis:

“Formation. Bodily actions on andscape” and “Goodbyes”

Ekkremes publications.

Athens, April 2008

Architectural School of Thessaloniki

Presentation of architectural work


Thessaloniki, December 2007

Architectural School Volos, June 2007

Presentation of architectural work

Volos, June 2007

Greek Institute of Architecture

Presentation of architectural work


Athens, December 2006

Architectural Society of Imathia County

Presentation of architectural work

Veroia, June 2005

Technical Chambers of Greece

Presentation of architectural work

Athens, March 2005

Architectural School of Patra

Presentation of architectural work

Patra, January 2003

Architectural School of Palermo

Presentation of architectural work

Palermo, Italy, December 2002

Architectural School of Volos, April 2002

Presentation of architectural work

Volos, April 2002

Presentation of Zisis Kotionis book:

“44 Stories of Architecture”

Ekkremes publications

athens, May 2001

(before 1997)

Lecture at the two-day conference for trends in contemporary architecture in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in March 1997.

Speakers: D. Fatouros, S. Birris, D. Antonakakis, A. Tompazis, D, Simaioforidis, P. Tournikiotis, D. Filippidis, A. Gerolipou, N. Spiridonidis.

Presentation of G. Peponis’ book “Spacial Planning” on February 1997.

Speakers: N. Kalogeras, A. Vricheas, K. Livieratos.

Participation in the lecture of the exhibition of architectural work of Southwestern Greece

Kalamata June 1995

Participation in the conference of Siros with presentation of student projects about Lavrio

Coordinator of the conference A. Vrichea.

June 1994

Guest of the Architectural School of Georgia Tech University in Atlanda, USA,

Presentation of architectura work of the office and two theoretical lectures

Atlanta, USA, February 1994

Participation in the seminar that was hosted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on the subject of “Housing”.

Speakers: A. Konstantinidis, A. Provelegios, K. Fines, G, Simaioforidis, A. Spanomarides, G. Tzirtzilakis.

Thessaloniki, March 1990

Consultant in the television series of channel ET1 “Architectural roads” in June 1990. Its subject the matter of townscape, memory and architectural design in contemporary greek architecture through the built work of Greek architects. Coordinator F. Fatouros.

Participation in the international seminar that was hosted by the Architectural Association in Londonon the subject of Legitimation and Credibility (May 1988). Lecture entitled “Analogy and Legitimation”. Coordinators of the seminar R. Landau and M. Bandini.

Participation in Modern – Post-modern symposium that was hosted in the French Institute entitled “Architecture makes up a language” (February 1988). It was organised by the drafting committee of the Speira magazine.

Participation in the international seminar that was organised by the Architectural Association in London with a lecture on “The meaning of “Metaphor” in contemporary architectural theories” (May 1987).  Coordinators of the seminar R. Landau and M. Bandini.

Participation in the seminar organised by the Bartlett School of Architecture on today’s architectural movements. Lecture on the subject of “Architectural Typology and Language” (February 1985).  Educators that took part in the seminar : R. Evans, P. Tabor, M. Gelander, W. Wang, B. Hillier.

Coordinatior (with G. Peponis) of the seminar for Greek Design and Reflection Company (ELEMEP London branch) on the subject of “The European urban planning thinking and the Greek city”. Lectures from: S. Kontarato, A. Romano, D. Porfirio, F. Poimenidou, A. Kourkoula (1984).

“Three Different Uses of Geometry in the Plans of Athens, Barcelona and Chandigarh”. Bartlett School of Architecture, January 1984

Seminar at the S.E.E. “Theory – history and action of contemporary architecture” (April 1983). Lecture entitled “The space of the city in contemporary architectural problematic”. The preface was published in Technical Years (1985). Also participants in the seminar were: G. Tsiomis, G.. Simeoforidis, L. Oikonomou and Th. Konstantopoulos.

“Visibility – Permeability. Two basic concepts in the design of space.” June 1983

“Form , Order and Meaning.” Bartlett School of Architecture, March 1983

“Order and Representation in Neoclassicism and Modern Movement.” Bartlett School of Architecture, December 1982

“Architecture as part of the Physical and the Symbolic” Bartlett School of Architecture, October 1982

Architectural Association, March 1982, at the Bartlett School of Architecture, July 1982.

“Urbanity and Urban Planning- Contemporary Interventions in Central Athens” . Architectural Association Graduate School, May 1980

“Athens The Space and the Culture of the city- A Sociospatial Analysis” . Architectural Association Graduate School, January 1980