Skinopi Lodge


Architects: Kokkinou – Kourkoulas Architects and Associates

Architectural study team:  Marianna Lizardou, Artemis Chalari, George Iliadis

Landscape Architect:Heli Pagalou

Structural engineer :Elliniki Meletitiki A.T.E.

MEP Study: Nikos Bartsakoulias

Lighting Study: L4A Retros Kesaris

A balcony on the sea, an observatory at the entrance of Milos Bay.On a magic carpet, made out of pebbles, bushes and wildflowers, scattered stone elements project like ancient ruins in dialogue with the topography. Ruins that aspire to merge within a mesmerising landscape.

This flying carpet is at the border between land and sea that accommodates a submerged fishing village

The architectural intervention tries to be as minimum as possible in order to respect the beauty and to allow for an appreciation of the space through the senses. The framed views are filled with boats in transit and the large openings allow for air flow filled with smells. The least is what is everything.