Office complex in Maroussi – Mechaniki




Architects: Maria Kokkinou – Andreas Kourkoulas

Consultant Architects: Dimitris Korres, John Peponis

Associate Architects: L. Giannousi, I. Ditsas, I. Bertaki, E. Leptourgou, K. Panigiris, A. Panou

Structural Engineer: F.Karidakis, I. Mavrakis & Associates EPE

Mechanical – Electrical Engineer: T. Kamarinos

Construction Contractors: MICHANIKI A.E.

Area: 8.650 sq.m.

The main element in this project is the realisation of the supra-local character of the building complex in the municipal context. This was expressed with two movements: the placement of two buildings (one a cube and the other a triangle) on the boundaries of the plot. The intention of this was the “continuity” of the urban blocks at the local level. This continuity is upset with the placement of a powerful third building along the diagonal.

With this movement the local order is disturbed and a supra-local perspective, referring to the main axis of Kifissias Avenue and the access to the Marousi municipality, is shown. The main concern in the placement of the buildings is to establish a public space which would become a living part of the city and which would invite use by those passing by.

The aspiration was that this becomes a public square, not a dead space for the exclusive use of those employed in the office complex.
The open space, like a reminder of the cultivated fields that dominated the area of Marousi, is marble-covered with a dense planting of trees in a rectangular pattern: it is formed as a support for the entire composition, fusing the entire composition and organising the flow of pedestrians passing to and fro.