Ombra Restaurant


Architects: Maria Kokkinou – Andreas Kourkoulas
Associate: Marianna Athanasiadou
Electrical – Mechanical Engineer: P & H. Argyros
Synapsis S.A.
Marianna Bisti

Area: 40 sq.m.

With iron and paper

The small angular and high-ceilinged bar – cafe in Faro’s of Psychico, at the side street of Kifisias Av. followed a strategy of abstraction. The basic material, paper tubes (D=12cm) which potentially cover the whole area like a forest and subtracted to obtain the necessary functional space empty .

The tubes are still shaping the false cover the walls and used to support the bar and raised perimeter benches . The tubes of the ceiling used for an atmospheric lighting while in between the perimeter walls arranged shelves of sheets. Our aim is to develop a space that creates the feeling that you are surrounded by a ‘ forest ‘ of paper tubes .
The angular façade consists of sliding glazed that disappear during the summer so as to create a strong relationship of inside with the outside.