Panathinaikos Stadium




Architects: Maria Kokkinou, Andreas Kourkoulas

Associate Architects: Nicholas Paplomatas

Structural Design: Manos Kiriazis

MEP Design: P & Ch. Argiros

Photographer: Alina Lefa

The historical stadium of Panathinaikos, in order to accommodate the needs of the times is upgrading its image and its functions. This upgrade fully respecting the residential character of the area and the existing overall structure of the stadium. The stadium implements the legislation standards and the characteristics of the existing structure in the most optimal way to smoothly incorporate the new programme’s requirements. Our aim for the new image of the stadium is that while in sync with its surroundings, it will offer the highest standards of contemporary stadium in terms of circulation and lines of view for the audience. The whole composition creates, a low key intervention that incorporates the extended surroundings of the area, respecting the existing structure.

The use of materials was based on the uniformity we wanted to achieve for whole composition. The choice of expanded aluminium sheets was based on their visual transparency due to its perforation, and its ability to provide protection. It renews the image of the stadium, offering a blank canvas that transforms through lighting both during day and night.