Refurbishment industrial complex at Pireos str. 260




Architects: Maria Kokkinou – Andreas Kourkoulas

Consultant Architect: John Peponis

Associate Architects: Tassos Ringas, George Nikopoulos, Nicholas Paplomatas, Artemi Halari, George Iliadis,

George Fiorentinos, Dionysis Koutsioumaris

Landscape Architect: Elli Pangalou


Conversion of the existing industrial building to office space.

Design of contemporary office space, while preserving the atmosphere and character of the industrial buildings and the creation of a cultural park, including the exhibition of modern works of art and copies of ancient artefacts.

A sustainable building. An office space designed accordingly to the latest standards of building design.

Energy production system to assist heating and cooling systems, natural lighting and geothermal climate control, automatic opening of openings at night aimed to cool the building, openable skylights which expell warm air,
recyclable building materials, reduced need for transporation of building materials to the site, and the products of demolitions, automatic lighting control, etc.