Scala Vinoteca


Architects: Maria Kokkinou, Andreas Kourkoulas
Associate: Marianna Lizardou
Electricical – Mechanical Engineer: P. & H. Argyros
Special Constructions: Manos Vordonarakis
Photographer: George Fakaros, Natalia Tsoukala

Scala Vinoteca is a small restaurant, 100 sq.m., situated on a pedestrian stepped street in a residential part of the centre of Athens.

It is part of a steep undulating landscape located adjacent to one of the few green hills in the city giving it characteristics of a less urban area. The main construction materials are steel sheets and wood. These two materials construct the space of the restaurant in their “raw” state, emphasizing their materiality. This same concept is applied outside, in the small front yard, in order to give the feeling of continuation between the inside and the outside, allowing the boundary to disappear. A mirror, placed opposite the entrance, creates the illusion of a back yard, giving a sense of expanding space. The whole atmosphere of the restaurant is based on the dialogue between wood and iron – inside and outside – direct and indirect light.