Velestino Town Hall



Competition 2nd Prize

Design Study: M. Kokkinou, A. Kourkoulas

Collaborating Architect’s Office: Antonia Panou

Associates Architects: Y. Nikopoulos, K. Papandreou

Our proposal for the town hall of Velestino, other than serving, functionally, the required needs, it serves as a tribute to two important elements that are carried in the memory of that place. Riga Fereo and Iperia Krini.

Water as appearing in Ipereia Krini (high fountain) was a key feature in the design of the building. The inclined lot led us in the development of a stone-covered slop that collects water and guide them to flow over a free standing wall, in the entrance of the town hall.

The entrance space will serve as a tribute to Riga, and especially to his deal with chartography as a means of depiction of history. The free standing wall with the fountain will be the place of the repousse representation of Rigas’ map.