PBox Restaurant, 2010








Π – box

Delicatessen - Restaurant, 2010

Architectural Design:
Kokkinou Maria, Kourkoulas Andreas

Assistant Architect:
Marianna Lizardou

Electrical Mechanical Engineer:
P. & H. Argyros

Hyperion - Papatzanakis

George Fakaros

Project Info:
Use: Delicatessen - Restaurant
Location: Levidou11, Str., Kifisia
Total Surface: 110 sqm.
Materials: Wood, metal

The project is a small restaurant – delicatessen, situated in the centre of a well known suburban district of Athens, Kifisia.
The available space, located at the corner of a new shopping mall at the high end shopping district of Kifisia, was small with no exceptional architectural qualities other than the corner and its rather oblong shape. The unwelcoming corner had no potential of interacting with the outside, leaving the oblong rectangular as the sole distinctive characteristic of the site. The small oblong space was treated as a box finished with cement based resin stucco complemented by wooden frames. The main dining area is 60m2 in size and the services are at the basement at another 60m2. The proportions of this space give it the appearance of a large corridor. Parallel sections are formed every 60 cm by the wooden frames. This consecutive layering, as well as the lowering of the frames towards the cooking island, emphasize the perspective, the prevailing and repetitive concept of the box inside the box.
In the centre of the restaurant there is a cooking island, surrounded by a counter, which serves as an eating area as well. The wooden frames also provide the supporting structure for the metal shelves upon which the different products are displayed for the customers. The materials already mentioned above are the continuous, uninterrupted cement based resin stucco for the walls, floor and backdrop of the ceiling, interrupted only by the wooden frames. The lighting is incorporated among the wooden frames adding to the overall concept.

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