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Benaki Museum

Contemporary Cultural Center, 2001 - 2004

Artemis Halari
Αrchitectural Office: Antonia Panou
Architectural Consultants: Dimitris Korres, Yannis Peponis, S. Vasileiou, G. Nikopoulos, Κ. Keoglou, Ν. Paplomatas

Acoustic Consultant:
Thodoris Timagenis

Theatrical Consultant:
Michalis Pitenis

Audiovisual Facilities Consultant:
Nikos Michailidis

Lighting Consultant:
Thanasis Kanellias

Structural Engineer:
Kostas Zambas. Consultant: Kostas Papantonopoulos
Collaborating Office: Κ. Agapiou- Α. Hadzidaki & Associates Civil Engineer E.E.

Electrical Engineer:
Pantelis Argyros, Associates: H. Argyros, A. Adamopoulou, B. Beloni

Project Info:
Use: Museum
Location: Athens; Pireos 138
Area: 8,500 sq.m.
Floors: 3 levels
Materials: Marble, wood, metal

Intervention on an existing structure with the extension of one floor.
The general elements of the architectural composition are based on the idea of an introverted closed-box building, which opens towards the interior (atrium). The confinement and the evenness of the exterior walls with the minimal openings necessary – fissures turning back to the interior atrium – are dominated by transparency and a sense of depth, with the arrangement of the successive layers of materials (wooden blinds, metal balustrades around three sides and glass reinforced with wire net) in front of the ramp. The movement of the visitors in the atrium space is both theatrical and ceremonial. There are multiple approaches in the exhibition spaces so that the building can utilize many display scenarios. The materials, which dress the façade of the building, were selected on the basis of colour, texture, and the feeling of transparency.

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